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July 24, 2014

Coming Full Circle- Adoption

I never shared, but my husband did. One year ago we endured a failed adoption. 

He had the fortitude to think through the pain and write a series of blog posts. I put one foot in front of the other and put my chin up. I am not sure who is more “well adjusted”, but I am OK with my journey.

This song carried me through waiting for her to be “ours” , buying her clothes and Chevron bedding, losing her to another family 10 days before her birth, and dealing with the aftermath. The song is a life changer.


The year has come full circle and our “Maybe Baby” will be turning one soon.  Of course, we actually named her, but before we even started the adoption process we would talk about adoption and a "Maybe Baby" that "maybe" God would gift us. "Maybe" this is what God had for us. "Maybe" we should start the process now. "Maybe" she is the daughter for us. "Maybe" and prayerfully, this will work out. In an adoption process NOTHING is certain.

When we decided we wanted to adopt her, we set aside the money (thank you TpT), we chose a beautiful name and began preparing.  But "our baby" went to another family. The birth mother made a last minute decision away from the closed adoption she asked for to a with-visitation-rights open adoption. Now nearing the anniversary of her birth I did not realize I would have fresh tears over the baby.

So what did I learn over the last year ?

God is good even when our current circumstances feel bad. It’s true. My son (7 and a half)  asked me last week why he throws up when he is sick. Why does Jesus let us be afraid of throwing up? Why would God let him be in pain? He told me, "I prayed. Isn't He listening?" I had to explain that God never promised us a pain-free life, but He promised to always be with us and give us the strength we need to navigate our lives. Looking to Him for daily strength gives us hope, and joy, and peace.  

Bearing the grief alone is kind of dumb because people have no clue what's going on, and must be asking themselves, “What’s up with her?” Even worse, other people may feel that they have done something wrong, or offended you because they know something is "off"or not right. Most people blame themselves first. Outside of my home, I tend to err on the side of silence.  But the problem with being too private, is people cannot help you, pray for you, hug you, or cut you some slack.

I also learned that being real is more important than being perfect.  I don’t want anyone to think I have a perfect life, but I do want to behave appropriately.  I have learned that the pain I silently carry around still becomes a burden on others, but they have no idea where it’s coming from. So they lack the knowledge that just might lead to compassion, empathy, and warmth.

Putting off the pain doesn't work. Eating the pain doesn't work #plus25pounds. Nothing works, but giving the pain to God. He is the great physician. He carries us, heals us, and loves us so much that He sent his Son to build the bridge between us and Him. How foolish to not run across that bridge and into His care. There is no emotion I feel that would shock Him. There is no wound that I bear beyond His touch. 

I have learned that being real, open, and honest does not make me a mess, weak, or imperfect. It makes me a strong woman, a healed woman, and a woman who arms are soft enough to comfort others through shared pain and arms that are strong enough to pick up the pieces and carry on. 

I have seen with my own eyes, how good my husband is and how lucky I am to have our son.  I lack nothing. I just had more room in my heart.  I am content in His plan for me and cherish what God has already given me.

So as her birthday rolls around I both raise a glass to the family that holds her, and I raise my torch. In a small, but very real way, I will always love my “Maybe Baby”. God is with me as I carry a torch for her because I was ready to be her mom and because I loved her before I knew her. It's really no different than loving the unborn child in your womb. Adoption is just a lot more uncertain. But I can tell you will 110% assurance that I needed to learn these things, because I am better now than I ever could have been if I had been spared the experience. 

Happy Birthday, dear one.
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Writing Pad Dad
If you have not met my husband, you’ll like him.  He is honest, snarky, funny, smart, and has knack with words. But if you click on any of those pink boxes, prepare yourself. He didn't hold back. Here is his first blog post.

It hasn't been a week yet, but things feel like they have moved so fast. After the first time around, with a rough pregnancy and our baby spending seventeen days in the N.I.C.U., we had decided we were only going to have one kid. He is healthy, we are happy, why mess with it if it isn't broken, right? That all changed last week.

Here's what happened: The Missus came home and said that a teacher friend of hers knows a young couple. This couple, both 20 and unmarried, are having a baby. They had made an appointment at an abortion clinic, went to the appointment, and realized they couldn't go through with it. The baby is a girl. The friend of the Missus thinks we should adopt the baby. The Missus thinks we should adopt the baby. What do I think? Well, I didn't say no. I had thought last week, while we were sitting at the kitchen table having dinner, that our table seems to be missing something or someone. I have thought on more than a few occasions, that my son might enjoy having someone to be silly and excited with when we do fun family things.

So, we said we're interested. The young couple said they want to meet us. It took them forever to make a plan with us. I started cleaning out our office/exercise/guest room to get organized, but also to make way for a possible nursery. The Missus has been full of ideas for a "girl" nursery. I started to worry that the young couple might want to come see our house and where the baby's room would be, so I redoubled my efforts to get that room cleaned. Finally, things started to move forward when the couple set a day and time with us.

Now, tonight is the night. I have such mixed feelings. Having a newborn is a lot of work. What am I getting myself into and, more importantly, why am I getting myself into it? I know they will love the Missus. What's not to love? But, will they like me when we meet?

Check back soon, and I'll let you know!

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July 22, 2014

Sweet Summer Freebie

Even though it’s beach season, some of my pals are teaching right now. So this little freebie is with them in mind. ABC order is the perfect skill to address vocabulary acquisition.  This little snippet is up in the corner of each page:

“CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.L.6 I can learn new words (general, academic, and domain specific). Knowing these words helps me with my reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This will help me get ready for college or my career.”

That’s why I have a whole pack of these pages to for all the holidays and themes. They are the perfect way to help little learners build vocabulary!

Sweet Summer Freebie to help young students with Vocabulary Acquisition.  Your English Language Learners will especially benefit from the picture of every word ! Of course, I am going to be using this baby my first week back as well !(13 more days until school starts). Until then, I am sleeping in, working out, poolside, beach combing, and sweet tea drinking! Sending love to you my sweet friends!!!

Download now new

July 21, 2014

What happens when 800 people hug

You might be sick of Vegas by now, especially if you did not go.  But here is the thing, you can go next year. I did not play a single slot, but I stuck it rich in friendships.  Please join us for all future events! There is room at our table for you!

Vegas Blogger Trip I flew in Wed, and you all know that I don’t adore flying! But the Polka Dot luggage helped me feel happy. I deplaned and praised God for helping it not crash and met up with Natalie Crocket What the Teacher Wants, Lory Evans Lory Evans Page, and Kyrstal Plot The Good Enough Teacher to ride to the hotel. We caught up again at meet-up where 800 people tried to hug and talk all at the same time and I went deaf after 2 hours of screaming with joy!

Bloggers know how to have fun

Then we were off to Senor Frogs for lunch! This was the first time I got to hug some of my Primary Chalkboard girls.  The company was amazing! We all made some #I’mWithPaul heads on a stick and hatched a plan to have some fun! Do you see Paul photobombing?


The friendships that this blogging world has given me have been the greatest gift! Annie Moffat From The Moffat Girls, Traci Clausen From Dragonflies in First, Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard, Frannie From Kindergarten Crayons, and Kristin from Teeny Tiny Teacher are all just darling! Lisa from Growing Firtsies and I were roommates and are just the best of Friends.

Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas

Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas

After playing around we all went to the BIG 800 blogger meet up! People were hugging and crying and talking really loud- It was amazing!

   Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas  Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas   Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas 

Susanna from Whimsy Workshop

 Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas

Palma for KFUNdamentals    &   Amy from TpT

Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas with Go Noodle  Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas with Kindergarten Smorgasboard

Greg and I with the Go Noodle Gals  & Mr. & Mr. Smorgasboard Inc.

Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Cara Carrol from the first grade parade and Katie Knight from Teacher to the Core

Terri Izat from Kinder Kapers  & Lisa and I with Cara from The First Grade Parade.

If you ever want to see some serious talent please consider going to Iteach K or Iteach1st.  AMAZING! Lisa and I helped Greg out with his sessions on Thursday. We *might* have gotten matching shirts for the occasion.

 Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas with Lisa and Greg  Kinder garten crayons and Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas 

Mustache Momma at your service & of course, Frannie, who I love!

Kindergardening and Teacher to the Core take over Vegas 

Look at that apron! You know you want Sandy from Kinder-Gardening to make you one. I will be blogging about it very soon! They are wonderful and such a high quality! Speaking of high quality, look at these amazing people!

 Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas

I love these ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas


 Ctreative Teaching Press & Teacher to the Core take over Vegas 

 Creative Teaching Press. I am headed to the main office in two days! Look out! This is going to be epic!

Growing Firsties & Teacher to the Core take over Vegas

Greg for ESGI & Teacher to the Core take over Vegas  

Greg,owner of ESGI, and I go way back. Back to the days of Friday Happy Hours with the teaching staff! He has an amazing assessment product. Check it out for sure!

Seusstastic and Teacher to the Core take over Vegas Mrs Russel and Teacher to the Core take over Vegas

Mel from Suesstastic and Tamara from Mrs. Russell’s Room . What can I say? I love these women.

Teacher to the Core takes over VegasTeacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas

We all love Paul and Amy

Go Noodle Champy Hour was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are looking for brain breaks that rock, you want to look at Go Noodle!

Go Noodle Champy Hour

The Primary Chalkboard girls and Greg wrote all about it {here}

Primary Chalkboard and Go Noodle

 Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas

Kristen from Easy Teaching Tools and Stephanie from Falling into First

Fabulous in First, One extra Degree, and Teacher to the Core take over Vegas

Michelle from Fabulous in First & Amanda from One Extra Degree. I love the hearts that these ladies have! So genuine.

   Hello Literacy, Growing Firsties, Peacce love first grade Teacher to the Core take over Vegas  

Who doesn’t know these ladies? I mean hearts as big as Texas! Jen Jones from Hello Literacy, Lisa my sexy roomie form Growing Firsties, and Laura Martin from Peace Love First Grade

Mrs Jumps class and Teacher to the Core take over Vegas

We all know Deanna Jump.  But in her Keynote speech, we all got to know her a little more.  God has given her so much because she trusted him when she had so little. Deanna and I have met a few times, but I always enjoy her so much, I don’t want to be a nerd and take out my camera. This time I was nerd and we took a picture!

The TpT conference was amazing! I mean really! So wonderful!

    Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas #ImWithPaul & Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas

Heather from 2 Brainy Apples is the brains behind #ImWithPaul

 Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas

Rachel Lynett from Minds In Bloom

Ladies of Teachers Pay Teachers take over Vegas

Best Lunch ever with the ladies from Two Peas in a Pod, Fran, Lisa, and Jen

Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas  Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas

Then it was time to hit the strip. This was after Lisa and I realized that we had been indoors for 4 days straight! I mean CRAZY! It was too fun!

I am super sad that half of the people I love, I don’t have a picture with! Either it’s on your camera, Lisa’s camera, or we were too busy hugging to take a picture! #IAmTakingAPictureWithYouNextYear

Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas   Teacher to the Core takes over Vegas

It was major Sadsville to say goodbye to the many many many people I love, but the way I figure, it’s only 11 months until we get to go back!

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